Semalt Explains How To Deal With Spam Referrers

Getting enough traffic can be a dream come true for every online marketer. As a result, people employ different methods to get traffic online. The Internet is a vast resource which can make a website receive many visitors from various corners of the globe. Many successful websites know the power of online marketing. They hire SEO agencies to perform some digital marketing techniques such as content marketing. Others have a lot of success in getting backlinks using Social Media Marketing (SMM). Consequently, it is essential to employ appropriate digital marketing techniques on such niches and achieve the best. Search engine Optimization (SEO) combines a variety of methods to come up with an effective online marketing strategy. It can enhance all the other methods such as backlinking and getting referrals.

However, Michael Brown, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, would like to remind you that some spammers also many methods of getting between the work of the digital marketer and their goals. Many spam referrers use techniques like faking page visits to lure the public into clicking links to potentially harmful websites. In other cases, spam contains Trojans and malware present in a virus or code within their call-to-action executions or some attachments which they encourage the victim to click. In most cases, you can experience a lot of traffic in your Google Analytics. However, this trade may not reflect on your dashboard or other tools, which analyze the performance of your web pages. A good example is those referral links, which come from Darodar.Com. You can evade the wrath of such attacks and much more use some techniques in this article.

How to block spam referrers?

There is a great need to prevent some of the spam referrals trying to contact your blog. This measure can secure the safety of your website as well as keeping hackers away from your audience. Most website beef up action on the admin panel. For instance, you can use some encryption on your admin panel as well as Google Analytics. There are also numerous spam filters present for online users and other persons who have an interest in making online ventures safe. In these filters, it is essential to leave a filter where you can view some important messages. The filters can see some credible emails as spam. Finally, creating awareness to your public can be a good measure. This trick can reduce some back-end spam attacks. These may include those hackers who target a client's email address to steal passwords.


Every online blog or e-commerce website needs traffic. As a result, there are many online marketing techniques, which can bring traffic to your site. Some of these methods employ white hat tactics while others use black hat tactics. In most cases, companies use white hat methods like content marketing, SEO as well as Social Media marketing. Referral traffic forms a significant portion of converting clients. However, when it comes from spam referrers, it can cost you SEO efforts as well as many issues such as cyber threats. You can avoid spam referrers like forums and much more use this guide. Moreover, this guide can help you protect the security of your traffic and online shoppers.